Where can I get plastic sheets, tubes, metal pipes or rods? Wooden blocks etc

Materials are sheets, tubes, bars, extrusions etc made of plastic, metal, wood or rubber.

Where to buy materials

Bigger pieces are usually bought at hardware or home improvement stores. Smaller sized materials are can often be gotten in hobby stores catering to model builders or RC cars or airplanes.


Byggmakker is a usefull place to get tools, screws, nuts, bolts and wood. Apart from that not much interesting for makers.


I can recommend visiting Maxbo, they have a lot of usefull stuff for builders. Among other things they have:

  • Metal tubes in a number of dimensions and material:
    • Steel
    • Aluminium
    • Copper
    • Brass
  • Metal sheets
  • Rods in multiple dimensions both in metal and wood

A number of Maker projects use plastics tubes. The same kind of tubes used in your home for plumbing. E.g you can build a watergun or water and air probelled rockets. Maxbo has a good selections of these tubes as well.

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