Here you will find a collection articles, blog entries and applications I have made. There are also descriptions of ongoing projects. It is also an attempt to be a resource for fellow Norwegian Makers, such as translating english terminology to Norwegian, give tips on where to find tools, supplies and componets to do projects such as robots, arudino or other machines.

Topics Covered

In my articles I tend to cover topics related to programming languages, crypto currencies, space exploration, economics, history, science and politics.

One of my passions is about simple easy to understand communication. While not always succeeding, one of my goals is to make complicated subjects more approachable and easy to understand for the curious minded.

About Me

I am a principal consultant at Sixty-North, living in Oslo, Norway with a wife and two kids. I hold talks at conferences, do training and create online courses.

  • Getting Started with Julia. On of my extensive video courses covering version v0.5 of the Julia programming language. Unlike other Julia course this is not specifically aimed at the scientific programmer, but for programmers in general.
  • Introduction to Crypto Currencies Videos introducing you to crypto currencies, covering concepts such as wallets, mining, smart contracts and payment systems. These videos are based on one of my talks at JavaZone, called How do crypto currencies work?
  • Keeping it Simple with Go. A talk at the NDC conference about design choices in the Go programming language and its philosophy. Contrasting Go with C++ and Java.
  • Git Version Control. Video intended for people who struggle with grasping the git version control system.


If you are interested in doing workshops on UX, Julia or Swift programming you can contact me through Sixty-North.