Data Science

Processing of an visualization of Data

This articles cover things such as:

  • Reading data in table form from file, such as CSV data.
  • Processing, filtering and preparing this data.
  • Plotting data stored in tables.

Data Manipulation

  • Working with Data in Tables for Machine Learning. A lot of the data you are going to feed into your Machine Learning algorithms will come in the shape of tables or data frames. Hence to do machine learning it is useful to have a good handle on how to manipulate data in tables, as well as visualizing that data with a plotting library.

  • Slicing and Dicing Pizza Data with Julia and Gadfly. Getting into more details of how to use Data Frames in Julia and how to later make plots of data using Gadfly.


  • Plotting and Graph Terminology. An explanation of the terminology often used for plotting, that is often taken for granted such as data sources and series.