Favorite books

Not so much favorites as simply a list of good books or books I found interesting or important in different ways. This is just updated randomly as the books comes to mind.

Science Fiction

  • The Martian A realistic science fiction book about an astronaut stranded on Mars. Similar in concept to Robinson Crusoe.
  • Neuromancer William Gibsons classic cyberpunk novel. Introduce many of the ideas we will see much later in movies such as the Matrix.

Economics and Society

Books written on economics and society in general which I found interesting, enlightening or memorable.

  • The Wealth of Nations by Adam Smith, published 1776. This is a classic, which made a lasting impression on me. Despite its age there are some deep insights here and it is a fairly entertaining read in my opinion.

  • Guns, Germs, and Steel. Basically a book about why some countries got rich and others did not. A novel insight is that it demonstrates how geography and climate profoundly influences culture and development.

  • Freakconomics. Interesting book on how to think about all sorts of issues in society like an economist. Deals with a host of issues one would not normally think about as being about economics, such as relationship between crime and abortion.

  • The Undercover Economist. Many similarities to Freakonomics in that it explains a lot of everyday experiences through economics.

  • Debt: The First 5000 Years A book that really helps explain the origin and nature of money.

  • Bullshit Jobs A thought provoking book, exposing that around 40% of the jobs in the West are pointless.