Space Exploration and Colonization

I have written a number of space themed stories. I am trying to appeal to those new to the field and who are curious. So I have tried to write some friendly explanations of how a rocket engine works. What makes a good rocket fuel. Some of the background for these more education articles is to make it easier for people who are excited about what is going on at SpaceX, Blue Origin, NASA, Rockets Labs and other places and want to understand more of the terminology.

I also have a number of articles on colonizing Venus, as that is a planet closer to Earth than Mars, but very seldom discussed in the media. Space colonization opens up for the discussion of a wide variety of topics: How will people eat, how will they societies be organized politically. How will they get power, produce things etc.


Venus Colonization

These articles are about why one might want to colonize Venus. What sort of benefits there are to colonize Venus over other planets as well as a discussion of all the various technical challenges and solutions. E.g. the planetary surface of Venus is so hot that one has to built colonies in the clouds.

Technology and Manufacturing on Space Colonies

Outside of Earth the conditions can be so extreme that various technological solutions would have to be radically rethought. E.g. on the Venus planetary surface it is generally too hot to operate electronics. These articles explore exotic alternative technological solutions.

Energy Production

How do you produce and store energy on other planets?

Political and Economic Systems of Space Colonies

What political and economic system would a space colony have? Given the living conditions are radically different from Earth, not every political and economic arrangement will work equally well.