Programming and software development

I write mostly about different programming languages, tools for developers, various software libraries and to some extent about software engineering.

Software Engineering

Julia and Python Comparison

Julia is a relatively new programming language, so these stories explore various features and compare how Julia and Python achieve the same things with similar or different features.

Julia and JavaScript Comparison

Julia Programming

  • Knights, Pikemen, Archers and Multiple Dispatch. A fun introduction to the Julia programming language.
  • Types in C/C++ and Julia . There are superficial similarities between C/C++ and Julia type system. To a novice it can look as if Julia is statically typed just like C/C++. I explain in more detail while type annotations doesn’t necessarily make a language statically typed.


  • Why I Don’t Like IDEs. A discussion of what I think are the problems with integrated development environments in software development, and an explanation of the benefits of the alternatives.
  • The Many Advantages of Dynamic Languages. An explanation of how the language becomes your tool when using a dynamic language for software development.